Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year: New Styles


Happy new year everyone! One of the things I plan to do this year is try out new styles. Honestly, I probably would have told you you were crazy if you said I would buy a pair of sweatpants this year, but these are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn, and since they are slim fitting, I think they look fairly stylish. The sweatpants, t-shirt, and cardigan are all from an H&M store I went to in Colorado last weekend, and I think they are the first pieces of clothing I have bought new in a long time. I still tried to stay frugal though, the shirt was only $5 on sale, and the cardigan was $25 on sale. The sweatpants were full price, but they were definitely worth it.

Outfit breakdown:
Cardigan - H&M - $25
T-shirt - H&M - $5
Sweatpants - H&M - $20
Shoes - Converse - $5 (I got these from a thrift store in brand new condition)
Beanie - Handmade by a friends grandmother
Total cost of the outfit: $55 (Which could be the most expensive outfit I've ever put on the blog. :P )

(Thanks to my sister Ashley for taking the picture!)

Sunday, November 16, 2014



Snow? In November? The new Ice Age must be coming!

Navy Duffel Coat - Ralph Lauren - $14
Black Sweater - Old Navy - $4
Leather Gloves with Rabbit Fur Lining - Vintage - $6
Denim Jeans - American Eagle - $5
Leather Boots - Vintage Justin's - $10
Total cost of the outfit: $39

(Thanks to my mom for taking the picture!)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Breaking fashion rules: Part 1



If you are into fashion you've probably heard the age old rule "Don't wear white after labor day". Now, who gets to decide what rules have to be followed in fashion? You.

That's right, you.

There is absolutely no reason that white can't be worn after labor day. I'll be wearing these white denim jeans throughout the entire rest of the year, and into the next. Stay tuned for more fashion "rules" that can (and should) be broken.

Vintage cardigan- $5
Vintage blue dress shirt- $3
Levi's White denim- $4 Vintage buffalo leather boots- $12
Total cost of the outfit: $24

Monday, September 8, 2014



Today's outfit was very laid back. A loose cotton half placket shirt, some lightweight wool trousers, and a beat up pair of Birkenstocks. Add a top knot and you're ready for the day, samurai style.

Shirt: Gap -$4
Pants: Banana Republic: $4
Shoes: Birkenstocks- $5
Bag: Unmarked vintage: $5

Total cost of the outfit: $18

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Vote for me!


Hey everyone! I have been selected as a top 10 finalist in a menswear contest on the global website!

To vote for me, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Once there, select #3. @dapperwardrobe and click "vote". Voting ends Sunday the 31st at midnight.

It takes a total of maybe 10 seconds to do the vote, and it would mean a lot to me. The prize package is worth almost $2,000, and it would be amazing for me to win!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fashion & Art.


"Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you." -Ralph Lauren

The other day I went to an art museum in Arkansas wearing this outfit. Whilst looking at all the beautiful art, the inspiration for this post hit me like a sculptor chiseling a statue.

Before I go on my little rant, let me make an example for you. In the year 1874 an independent art show was held in Paris by 55 artists. These artists would later become known as Impressionists. For the sake of the story let us compare anyone in the fashion world as parallels to these Impressionists. The original reaction to the art by these men (and one woman) was not positive. Though some people appreciated these paintings, most ridiculed them. Let us now compare modern society to anyone other than the 55 impressionists. Many believed that Impressionistic paintings broke every rule that the French Academy of Fine Arts taught. The colors had no likeness to the real world, the short brushstrokes made the paintings almost illegible, et cetera. The problem was, it was different. I will now take the liberty to make an assumption on society's view on fashion based on my own encounters. Though some people outside the fashion world appreciate the ensembles these men and women wear, most people call them ridiculous. That man has his hair up in a top knot, his pants are too short, et cetera. The problem is, he dresses and looks different.

Now, I know the parallels aren't perfect, and I'm sure you could pick them apart for hours, but you get the idea right? Society doesn't immediately (or in some cases, ever) accept things that are different because they are exactly that, different. When I see someone dressing in their own personal style, I almost always go to that person and compliment them. Sometimes I don't even like what that person is wearing, but I compliment them because they are expressing creative freedom in the way they dress. If the world gave out more compliments and less ridicule we would ultimately have a more creative and expressive society. There is a difference, however, between someone making fun of what you are wearing, and someone giving you constructive criticism. You should ignore the former, but listen to the latter. The person giving constructive criticism may actually have valid points that should be listened to.

Young people especially have to deal with a lot of ridicule, and because of that I only know a few high school aged people who express themselves through the way they dress. There is a lot of peer pressure in high school, and most people fall into the flock of sheep behavior so they don't stand out. This is ridiculous! People shouldn't have to dress the same as their peers out of fear of ridicule. However, I don't necessarily think that people should dress the way they do because it's different; I think that people should dress the way they do because they like it.  If people give you crap because of the way you dress, politely tell them that they have the right to their own opinion, but nothing they say can change the way you dress, because you like it.

Just remember this: Back in 1874, I doubt the artists could have sold their art for anything, but nowadays they are worth millions. Paintings by the original 55 artists are sought after for every art museum and gallery all over the world. The most expensive piece of art ever sold was The Card Players by Paul Cezanne, which has Impressionistic qualities. It sold for between $250-300 million dollars.

Just some food for thought.

(Photo courtesy of my mom.)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Linen × Cotton




The weather in Oklahoma has been in the 90's lately, and while most people forgo fashion for comfort and put on flip flops, tank tops, and shorts, I've been staying cool with linen and cotton clothes. Both the shirt and the suit trousers are a 50/50 linen/cotton blend, so they keep me cool while still giving me the ability to look nice. I paired them with a straw hat, some vintage sunglasses, a woven cotton belt, and some tassel loafers that are almost orange in color. Unbutton the top 2 buttons, roll up the cuffs, and voila! You have a stylish outfit that doesn't make you sweat like a pig. (Fun fact, that saying allegedly has nothing to do with actual pigs.)

(Photos courtesy of my mom!)

Sunday, May 18, 2014




Detail of the pattern. I love the bits of green, yellow, and turquoise.

Long time no post! The camera I've been using stopped working on me, but a new camera just came in! Now I can get pictures of the dozens of outfits I have wanted to get pictures of but couldn't.

I found this vintage paisley shirt a while back at a local thrift store. Ever since then, I have been wearing it constantly. Among the other outfits I'll be getting pictures of, I have 2 or so more outfits including this shirt.

Sunglasses- Vintage- $0.25
Shirt- Vintage- $4.00
Pants- American Eagle- $5.00
Shoes- Allen Edmonds- $4.00

Photo courtesy of my mom.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Has Begun*


Well, it's spring. Unfortunately here in Oklahoma, it hasn't really felt like it. Although it has been chilly most days, there have been a few days in between that were close to the 70's. Fortunately today was one of those days, and I was able to bring out my new suit! This suit is a 50/50 linen/cotton blend, and perfect for the spring and summer. Pretty soon it will be time to wear some white suede bucks with it!

(Photo courtesy of my sister, Ashley.)

*Weather does not always coincide with the time of year. Check with your local weather station to see if the weather feels like spring. Please don't sue me if it doesn't feel like spring in your area.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dark Americana


If you haven't noticed yet, I'll make it pretty clear by saying it outright; I have a rather eccentric style. 
What I mean by that is, my style is very erratic. One day I might wear something along the lines of the Ivy League style, the next day I might wear something in the realm of the Americana workwear style, and another still I might an outfit that could be classified as "business casual". 

There are many individuals who have a personal style they stick to like glue, and they are still some of the best dressed men and women in the world. However, can't see myself doing that. A friend of mine on Facebook said this the other day (If you are reading this, you know who you are. :P ) "People who change their profile picture every day. Like can you not? we already know what you look like we don't need a constant update."  I don't know if she was specifically referencing me in said status, but I confess I am one of those people. I am not changing the picture all the time because I think you need to see what I look like at that moment, but because I get tired of how I looked that day. The reason why I do it is because I like constant change, I get bored of one picture almost as soon as I put it up. The same could be said about my style, I just can't wear the same style of clothing every day of the week.

Having a personal style is fine, but sometimes that "style" can be made up of dozens of genres.
So, if you are concerned that you haven't found a genre that you can wear every day, maybe it's because you are like me and like constant change. But if you have found a style you enjoy wearing every day, that is perfectly fine. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you enjoy wearing.

(Photo courtesy of my sister, Ashley)